Armed & Unarmed Security Guards for Secure Presence

Armed Guards & Unarmed Security Guards

Choose what is important between the two – You or your assets. You will opt for the first, however, in this materialistic world, it isn’t considered fair enough to even sacrifice your assets. Take a pledge to avoid risk with your life as well as assets by implementing protective measures by hiring armed and unarmed security guards at Secura Security.

Security Is The First Cause Of Misfortune :-

“Never delay what can be done today :-”, if you are the one firm believer of this thought then come and gain secure presence from our security guards. We provide unarmed and armed security guard in Delhi NCR region that provide you total safety along with your assets.

Our trained security officers include Ex-army as security officials who are armed, professional and have ability to deal with the situation. On the basis of comfort level and need, security officials are assigned to provide (24/7) protective shield on you so that you can feel safe under a hard and fast security service.

  • Do you own a large showroom where armed security guards are required?
  • Do you need armed and unarmed security guards both for your home and office?
  • Are you conducting an event where large gathering will assemble to handle which you need skilled security?

Out-and-Out Safety Is Here:

  • Our security offers a wide array of residential and commercial security
  • Our armed security officers are proficient and competent to handle thieves and vandals
  • Our security officers are possessed with licensed weapons that they use according to the need of the situation
  • The objective of our security officials is to give you peace of mind with the assurance of your security

Responsibilities That Our Armed Security Officers Handle:

  • Physically and mentally fit security guards, officers, managers, that handle emergency issues
  • Our armed security guards makes use of weapons in extreme conditions only and handle them well enough.
  • They have the authority to utilize arms during severe situations, if necessary.
  • They have legal powers of arresting culprits and suspects involved in any kind of mishap or crime/attempt.
  • Armed guards are authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, investigation or take custody of any person for violation of law.