Door Frame Metal Detector-Specialist In Revealing Hidden Truths

hand held metal detector

DFMD or Door Frame Metal Detector is truly a device that provides security against those carrying arms and against trespassers. Secura Security is specialist from where you can hire desirable number of security devices such as DFMD, security jackets, HHMD etc. We are one of the prominent companies to provide such equipments in not only capital of India but also in NCR regions (Noida and Gurgaon)

DFMD is paramount to use in hospitals, organizations, institutions, malls, shopping areas, etc. With the widened increase in crime in the last few years, innovation of such devices increased because they really helped in decreasing crime to some extent.

Inbuilt Features in our DFMD:

  • Infrared sensor to count traffic
  • Uses auto set calibration feature
  • Comprises of BCB for easy maintenance
  • For easy transportation, uses side panel and control unit
  • Required no setting once metal detector is switched on
  • Uses walk stop indicator in order to have flow control
  • Indicates visual and audio alarm after detecting metals
  • Able to determine weapons, ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals
  • Produces wide range of sensitivity, upto 9 levels using thumbwheel switch
  • Frame of our DFMD made of plywood and teakwood pasted with sun mica over it
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