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About Us...

Secura Security is the establishment that has its own impact and image in the security industry covering Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and NCR with 500+ security professionals. Secura Security is dream come true project of its Founder Anuraag Singh, that provide security for thousands of residents and visitors in national capital every day. The success of the company is distributed among the strong shoulders that hold Secura Security with all the dedication and loyalty that any of the security setup will dream to have from its management and employees. Key members from the Secura Security team are:

About - SECURA Services

Secura Security was founded in the year 2009 by Anuraag Singh. Secura Security is known for its unmatched perfection that was honed and inculcated right at the time of its inception. Providing perfect security systems to homes, institutions, organizations and other existing entities is the prime aim of the company. Endeavoring towards the achievement of this aim is the construction of a team at the help of the leading security experts.

About Products & Services at SECURA

You know you are safe when you are associated with Secura Security. 24x7 vigilance for your premises from Secura Security has driven powerful safety deliverables, stout security guard service, state-of-the-art electronic protection and intelligence to new levels of excellence. We provide you with the following safety products and services:

  • Security soldiers, not safety guards! They are fully-prepared and well-equipped to deal with challenging emergency situations
  • 24x7 vigilance eye over your premises
  • Security products like Audio Door Phones,House alarms, Door Frame metal Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector etc, which are developed using state-of-the-art electronic techniques to serve you in the best possible way
  • Custom-made, integrated security systems and safety services catering to each & every need of the end user


SECURA - Objective

To provide our clients a well-trained team of security personnel and surveillance products that will relieve them from all unwanted botherations and vexations from bad elements pertaining to their safety, security and protection within their premises.



At Secura Security, the security experts and safety specialists have inculcated meticulous planning with thorough research and expert ways worked onto every minute detail corresponding to your protection needs. We try to imbibe such ways in protecting your premises that renders a seamless, streamlined, smooth, stout and systemic functioning of the security methods and built-in preventive measures and protective controls. At Secura Security, we persistently innovate advanced and better protection techniques, integrate our services & systems for your safety, and deliver them onto your doorstep. Secura Security "SAFETY FACTOR" contributes towards providing you unmatched protection, which you deserve to have within your premises. Our trained and well-equipped safety guard force is at the beck and call for all your security assignments.